May 30, 2011

signs of spring – May edition

Beautiful uncurling and unfurling.

I am so enjoying watching the front yard garden return this year. Last year all the plants were fresh babies with lots of space between them. This year things are larger and lusher. I am so pleased with it.

May 27, 2011

polka dots!

I usually think of myself as a solid-color kind of designer but I think patterns are of growing interest to me, especially as I venture more into sewing and quilting.

I love the mix of patterns and colors my daughter wore with enthusiasm on this day of puddle hopping. Big dots, little dots, stripes, on black, on white… all happily mixing.

Bonus: the polka dots of nature! Is hail usually multiple sizes like this?

May 25, 2011

signs of spring – March edition

Once upon a warm March day, we dragged out the new glider, soaked up the long-missed sunshine, and marveled at little sprouts. Before spring finally arrived we had both snow and a random 85 degree day. I think the spring I so actively long for in March actually arrives in May every year. I will have to try to remember that!

The new bench: a gift from my valentine and my vision for a lovely, relaxing summer rocking my baby on it. My little one digs in the dirt (go girl!). And yes, she is indeed wearing pajamas.

So persistent as they poke through last autumn's oak leaves. It occurs to me that perhaps this is why plants come up in sharp spikes and then later unfurl into leaves. They need that sharpness to get started.

What a lovely and unexpected color when most other sprouts are green.

May 23, 2011

my latest "project"

 My second child, a daughter, was born two weeks ago today! Please excuse my lack of posts in the months before she was born (I was big! I was exhausted!) and now in the months after (She's trying to get big! I am the source of milk!).

Despite my lack of recent posts I am still having creative thoughts, ideas, and visions. And projects left over from the list of in-progress endeavors my dear husband had me write out last July.

I will try to get you, my dear blog friends and fans, caught up from the spring happenings and at least post occasionally this summer.