January 31, 2011

IKEA inspirations

While browsing the new IKEA catalog I noticed a trend of hanging things on the wall:

From left to right:

I have always admired collections that hang on the wall. I suppose 3 hats doesn't qualify as a collection but you get my drift. What cool objects could I transform into three-dimensional wall art?

shelves for a corner
I have corners that are basically wasted space that could easily accommodate shelves like these. Of course I don't know what would go on these shelves… Notice IKEA doesn't know either? They show the shelves empty!

chairs as shelves
I just thought this was fun and quirky! What creative thing could you do to use a piece of furniture in an unintended way?

lower hooks
Probably the most practical of my observations is the row of coat hooks at child level. This is something I have been thinking we could definitely use in our home.

January 26, 2011

accidental art

The color printer at work and I were fighting over the feasibility of printing multiple sheets of cardstock in a row. In the end, I got it to do what I needed but it wasn't without many jams removed behind four different doors!

A few of the sheets removed in mid-print due to a jam came out with a row of loose toner, not yet melted. Studying them up close reveals an interesting horizon of orange and blue bits. A bright spot in a frustrating battle with technology!

January 25, 2011

Big girl room preview

It's not done yet (that quilt! the curtains!) but we've made it usable and daughter has happily made the move. The room features yellow walls (by request), pink accessories, and a focus on art-making and displaying.

 Using the wire curtain line from IKEA to clip up art is not a new idea by any means but it is new to our house and I am happy to have incorporated it. I think I will be adding a dual set of these in my art room. I am imagining paper bits on one line and antique embroidery on the other… A future project!

January 24, 2011

marvelous milk glass

I have a small collection of milk glass. I like it because it is inexpensive (probably because it was mass produced) and it is simple. The white is nice with the white trim in my home and I always find new ways to re-invent how it is used and displayed. I especially like glass with the patterns of round bumps called "Hobnail" They're kind of like organized, dimensional polka dots.

For January, I arranged some of my collection on my mantel. I stacked 3 pieces within each other in the center. I think it looks a bit like an opening flower. I recently acquired the ruffled bowl on the bottom and the two candlestick holders from my grandmother. I am not using the candlestick holders to hold candles. Instead, I'm displaying them tipped on their sides. Again they remind me of flowers. I am not quite sure how my grandma would feel about this!

I supplemented the display with the bleached out pieces of coral I found on my last trip to Florida. The circular shapes on the coral are very similar to those found on the milk glass.

January 20, 2011

What a treatment!

So I rather impulsively bought the curtains in the spring (darn that Target!). Then I searched and searched and searched for white curtain rods for many months and too many internet hours. Then one fine fall day, while wandering the aisles of Lowe's, there they were! Bought those too.

And not quite a year later, the new window treatments are finally up! I love the softness the curtains bring to the room and the whimsical polka dots adorning the sheers. I am already imagining the possibility of swapping out the color panels seasonally, although that might turn out to be too much effort!

Here is the before (vertical blinds that came with the house):

And the after:

January 19, 2011

paper flowers

I think this is the last post to be derived from my last visit to the Meijer Gardens!

I was very impressed by the paper flowers adorning these bare twigs. From a distance the blooms appeared real. Up close, one could see how much time and effort went into cutting and placing the petal layers, attaching the bead in the center, and then wiring the flower onto the branch. Wow! What a beautiful craft!

January 18, 2011

ribbon as garland

I know we're all past decorating our Christmas trees but I think this could be applicable in other ways. The garland on this tree was simply long strands of ribbon knotted together periodically. Think of the color options! Think of the draping possibilities! Along banisters, along decks, over headboards, across mantels, within curtains…

Inspiration, once again, courtesy of the Meijer Gardens.

January 17, 2011

magenta & coral & lime

A beautiful variation of the classic red and green pairing, as scene at the Meijer Gardens. Red is opposite of green (green being made of the two remaining primary colors). Hence, the vivid contrast when paired together. We must give the gardeners and landscapers credit for their artistic vision!

January 5, 2011

Another book recommendation…

…Another quilt inspiration. Picture this one made of strips done in all teals and blues to match my living room. Then envision it draped over the red couch. Sigh. Just lovely! One project at a time!

I discovered this beauty in the book Easy Quilt Projects by Better Homes & Gardens.

January 3, 2011

love this book

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this book:

 It is rather appropriate for my family at this time although perhaps not for my level of sewing ability. I have vowed not to undertake any fresh sewing projects (not even the super cute hen and chicks!) until I get that quilt finished up though!

I am also a big fan of Anna Maria Horner's blog and, of course, the colorful fabric she designs.