March 7, 2011

I heart this heart

A few weekends ago we squeezed in a visit to the Meijer Gardens before closing time.

[My apologies to anyone who gets tired of my posts on the Gardens but a membership means I go there often and the art and nature found there tends to be inspiring to me!]

Anyway, the current sculpture exhibit is showcasing the work of Jim Dine. When I saw some photos of the pieces ahead of time, I found a few of them to be rather odd. But seeing them in person was an entirely different experience. The large scale of these pieces is really an essential part of their impact. That parrot just towers of you!

My favorite has to be this heart though. I love the colors. I love the assembled bits, each with a meaning or story left to be interpreted. And I love the simplicity of sculpting a very recognizable symbol. I think that would be an interesting approach to creating some art of my own – choosing a symbol or image that interests you and exploring all the ways it can be interpreted or expressed.

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