March 12, 2012

spring craft gifts

Things I will be sewing up for my girls in the near future. Hold me to it!

1. Mermaids for the older daughter's birthday
She's having a bit of an obsession right now. We are decorating with a mermaid theme for the birthday party too. It won't be too elaborate, mostly just doing up the table and the cupcakes. We've got a stack of mermaid books checked out of the library for inspiration. I am excited about it! The book, Fleecie Dolls, was a treasure discovered on the shelves at my husband's grandmother's house over the holidays. It is always a bonus to have fellow crafters in the family!

2. Stuffed bunnies for Easter baskets
Pattern from CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2 from artist and blogger Abby Glassenberg. There's even a pattern for a matching stuffed carrot. Awww!

3. Henny Penny and Chicks for the younger daughter's birthday
This adorable stuffed chicken and her babies are found in fabric designer and artist Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby. I determined that I have enough fun scrap fabric stashed away that I did not actually purchase anything for this project beyond velcro. I have actually been wanting to make this chicken for years now!

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