May 26, 2014

terrific tie-dye tablecloth!

Hello readers! I have been doing a lot of half blogging lately. I've been doing creative things and taking photos with the blog in mind and I have a list of topics jotted down but I just haven't gotten to the sit at the computer part of the process lately. Ah, well. These things happen!

Dear husband runs a tie-dye day for his high school chem students right before spring break. I am the lucky recipient of any extra dye. Of course I must scramble and find things to dye! How could I turn down this craft? Older daughter already had a white shirt with a stain that was a good candidate. At the thrift store I found a shirt for younger daughter and an extra long white tablecloth for a mere $6! I also found some plain white fabric, a couple of cloth napkins, and some of my own tank tops that I added to the craft pile.

I am going to show you the process of dying the tablecloth since that was the biggest and most magnificent thing I have ever dyed!

We did a spiral using an old broom handle instead of the more typical dowel. Rubberbands wouldn't have been big enough to hold it either so I tied it up with yarn. Thinking of my orange and yellow dining room walls I chose those colors along with purple (matches the couch in the adjacent sunroom).

Then came the slow and patient part of drip dropping the dye onto each section using a pipette. This is, of course, what normal pregnant ladies do in their driveways – right?!

I am really thrilled with how it turned out. We used it at younger daughter's birthday party this year. It looked very festive. I am going to keep my eyes open for other big white tablecloths when I am out thrifting.

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