March 18, 2015

fantastic florals!

If you asked me what my favorite pattern in fabric was I don't know what I would say but I don't think "floral" would have popped to mind. Check out the splurges above and you will see I would have been wrong! I had not own but two gift cards to JoAnn's from my December birthday so I allowed myself to buy fabric with no purpose. Hee.

If it caught my eye I bought it. If I loved it very very much, I got a whole yard. If I liked it a lot, I got half a yard. If it was quirky and I only thought I would use it sparingly in a quilt, then I got a quarter yard. Apparently I also had a thing going for polka dots.

I bought my first washi tape (yep, I am about 5 years behind the trend) and have so far had mixed success hanging things with it. A few things stuck just fine, others have peeled off the wall. You will notice I chose red, teal, and black & white. A few of my favorite colors! I also stocked up on various thread colors and indulged in a sparkly valentine heart for the front door.

So a thank you to the special people who gave me gift cards!

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