April 19, 2010

Michigan – Land of Riches

There's a new and strange art show in town: Michigan – Land of Riches. Exhibits and specimens left frozen in museum limbo at the old Public Museum were handed over to artists to use as they wished. Some of the works are simply beautiful arrangements of old objects. Others mix and match available objects in unexpected. Still others seem to have been created elsewhere and imported into the space for display. The mix is fascinating and the sheer amount of art to be seen is impressive.

I went Friday night during the Art. Downtown. event and the exhibit's opening. Needless to say, the place was packed. My family was with me as well. My toddler daughter was at turns mystified and fascinated. My scientist husband tolerated the strangeness well. I am going to have to go back because we only managed to do the first floor and perhaps a quarter of the second floor. I think I'll be able to absorb it better with less people around.

The thing that inspires me the most? It's all this big crazy experiment. Why not use this old building and old stuff in a new way?

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