February 1, 2011

artist Maureen Nollette

This artist is going to be at a UICA event soon so I ended up with a link to her website in my email. Her work is very interesting to me – a bit on the strange side for those unfamiliar with art perhaps.

She does large installations, which I always find fascinating. How do you begin to conceptualize doing a piece of work for a particular space, time, and place? I am very curious about what kind of thought process an artist goes through.

At any rate, I was browsing her site and enjoying her work when I found a series that is inspired by the curves and lines created by man-made structures like sidewalks and curbs. Her compositions are beautiful crops of everyday scenes reduced to a lovely geometry. The grass is represented with green tissue paper. These pieces are very simple and clean, and, true to my heart, remind us to see beauty everywhere.

1 comment:

  1. This is very interesting to me, something fun but unusual. I would love something like that on my big wall, but something a little brighter. What a fun idea!!