January 31, 2011

IKEA inspirations

While browsing the new IKEA catalog I noticed a trend of hanging things on the wall:

From left to right:

I have always admired collections that hang on the wall. I suppose 3 hats doesn't qualify as a collection but you get my drift. What cool objects could I transform into three-dimensional wall art?

shelves for a corner
I have corners that are basically wasted space that could easily accommodate shelves like these. Of course I don't know what would go on these shelves… Notice IKEA doesn't know either? They show the shelves empty!

chairs as shelves
I just thought this was fun and quirky! What creative thing could you do to use a piece of furniture in an unintended way?

lower hooks
Probably the most practical of my observations is the row of coat hooks at child level. This is something I have been thinking we could definitely use in our home.

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