August 31, 2011

dirty work

Thanks to the support (um, hard labor) of my husband the backyard garden project has taken off. He gets full credit for digging out the cement block border, reinstalling said border as a back edge, ripping up sod, inserting the edging, buying and hauling the dirt (I did manage to help with the this), and using the scary looking rototiller.

I removed, relocated, and replanted existing plants. I also used scrap stones from last summer's backyard project to make a path back to the rain barrel. And I very gleefully purchased new plants and arranged them in the new garden. I remember looking over my work and saying "it's just like graphic design!" as I considered how to place different textures, leaf shapes, and plant colors.

 The back edge is raised, allowing the garden to slope forward

Crafting my stone path through the mud and muck

All my new plant babies!

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