August 1, 2011

garden dreams and schemes

Lately I have been making plans to expand and improve my backyard garden. A variety of experiments combined with my denial of the shadiness of the site has resulted in an odd mishmash of plants. 

I have been doing my plant research (love the library!) and even drew up an accurate plan on graph paper. If you're feeling inspired to do some reading yourself you might consult these books that I found helpful:
Stephanie Cohen & Nancy J. Ondra

Anthony W. Kahtz

Tim Wood & Alison Beck

Larry Hodgson

The white outline shows the new border. I have to hold off on getting started because the current plants, several of which I will be gifting to others, are still in bloom or have yet to bloom. It may be that the most I will get done in August and September is preparing the site for next spring. I am planning on building up the dirt in the back and sloping it forward. We are also going to replace the raised cement edge with simple edging. The plants that I intend to keep can be put into place as well.

I will keep you updated on this new project!

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