December 30, 2011

Quilt progress!!!

No photos to share at the moment but I did want to pop in and report that I have finished the hand-quilting portion of my quilt vision!

I was originally only going to do like 6 of the squares, one per column or something like that. But then I was working on it during our 6-hour car drive and having a giant quilt all wadded up in your lap doesn't exactly help you see the big picture. I had already done several before I realized I was doing more than I had originally planned. So at that point, I figured I needed to finish what I started. So all the magenta squares feature some sort of hand-quilting experiment. I don't think my speed rivals that of an expert quilter but I am definitely a more confident stitcher now. And, like I originally envisioned when I decorated for Christmas, I have basically spent the last 3 days hanging around the house, quilting, while the kids play and the laundry tumbles about. It has been a very peaceful recovery from the hectic holiday travels.

Now I am off to learn how to make and attach binding. I am always a bit nervous for the next brand-new step with this project. Wish me luck!

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