December 14, 2011

A shout out to CraftSanity!

 My sister got me the latest issue of CraftSanity Magazine for my birthday! Woo hoo! I could tell what it was so I did not wait until my official birthday to open it. Hope that's ok, sister!

I was so thrilled to finally have an issue in my itching hands. Of course I have a few other projects to tie up before I start anything fresh but man how inspiring it it to read interviews with crafty people and see pictures of gorgeous projects.

I am a super fan of Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, the woman behind the CraftSanity empire (podcast, magazine, etsy shop, blog). I met her once upon an ArtPrize when I registered her to vote. She asked me if I did anything crafty and I kind of stumbled and mumbled something about "scrapbooking, sometimes."

It was a turning point in my artistic life. Why the heck wasn't I doing crafty things? I was certainly interested in them. From then on I have been on a quest to do the things I love to do. That sounds like a simple idea but I think a lot of us actually struggle to make that happen. "Too busy" is often the excuse. Well, if we are too busy to do the things we are passionate about then it is high time to examine what we are too busy doing!

There. There's my rant for the week. Check out CraftSanity for yourself. I think you'll become a super fan too!

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  1. I would count your job as crafty in a way, at least it is artistic. I am glad that you liked it!