June 20, 2012

sparkly fun summer reading t-shirts

 One of the favorite part of my jobs as the graphic designer for the Grand Rapids Public Library is designing the summer reading t-shirt. I get to place an order for thousands of them (isn't that amazing?) and, as the summer plays out, I have the pleasure of spotting them on enthusiastic young readers all over my city!

This year's theme is "Dream Big" for the kids and "Own the Night" for the teens. I always try to glean something out of the provided clip art and expand on that for our summer reading logo and t-shirt design. This year we used eyes peering out of the darkness. I was thrilled to find out that using a metallic silver ink wouldn't cost any more than white. Snazzy!

A note to my dear readers: I am so sorry for my recent blog negligence! I have been snapping photos, designing things, emailing myself with post ideas – but I just haven't made it to the computer. You know how summer weekends can be, packed with all the good stuff but only pit-stopping up at home. I am anticipating some "home days" in the near future so I hope to get blogging again. Happy summer and happy crafting, gardening, creating to all of you!

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