July 16, 2012


My hubby and I played hometown tourists on a recent anniversary "trip." One of my local discoveries was the eccentric and unforgettable shop Elements.

It is full of decor items and art and baubles and other such trinket treasures. Some look old, some probably are old, the best are new but created from the old. This lady* knows what she is doing and her entire shop is an awesome reflection of her personal esthetic and I loved loved loved it. That is not to say that her style is my style or that I am going to redecorate my home to match Elements. But it is an incredible experience to step into a store that is so clearly a world of its own.

I splurged on a pair of earrings made with old gears (from a watch or clock maybe?) and a scientific looking poster of butterfly species – the price was great because it is actually intended to be wrapping paper!

*Please note this article references an old address for the store. It is currently at 1503 Lake Drive in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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