July 2, 2012

Found, Free & Flea

 Do you love old things? Do timeworn treasures, clearly loved, appeal to your senses? Can you appreciate the thrill of a treasure discovered at a flea market or in your grandmother's basement? Then you too will find great joy in read this book!

I found this fabulous new book for free at my local library on the new shelf. The full title is Found, Free, and Flea: Creating Collections from Vintage Treasures by Tereasa Surratt. The book tells the story of an old summer camp she and her husband purchased and all the items they found within the buildings. Since the camp also had many previous lives as a time a speakeasy, a "house of ill repute," a resort, and a retirement home for Latvian priests, you can only imagine all the objects left in the all the nooks and crannies.

The book, which is truly eye candy for anyone with a love of home decor and vintage finds, showcases how the author has restored the rooms and lovingly decorated them with collections found, or at least started, from objects discovered on the grounds. I devoured it in one lovely summer afternoon!

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