November 19, 2012

spray paint is my friend!

All you crafty home decorator blogging ladies already know this. I've read about it a zillion times. But now I have tried it and – wow! Spraypaint is not only amazingly transformative but super fun too! I have some super secret projects in the works for Christmas but while I was painting those I got busy with some other items dug out of the basement. And, as the very funny and entertaining Katy Wolk-Stanley, author of the blog The Non-Consumer Advocate will appreciate, I spray painted some unused frames black to match other frames already up on the wall!

This old, compartmented organizer garage sale treasure has long been waiting for some artistic goodness. I've owned it for years. I will admit it was already black. But an old dingy black. Now it is a shiny new black. I want to collage objects and cut out images and apply words. Around a singular theme. Perhaps birds. Perhaps inspired by the Psalms. Perhaps both. I have ideas but I am going to let it simmer until I have a more clear idea. In the meantime, those near and dear to me can keep me in mind if they come across interesting feathers or bird nests as I have an affinity for both!

This Art Prize wonder by Katherine Van Drie is made of old shoes. But look at how totally transformed it is to see them all spray painted the same color. Then they are reduced to line and shape. Think about multiple objects. Think about an awesome metallic spray paint. You too could create some funky art!

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