May 22, 2013

GR Reads poster process

GR Reads is "summer reading all grown up." It is a summer-long series of programming developed around 10 books chosen by the smart people working at the library. The 10 books all revolve around a common theme. This year's theme is "you are here."

My original idea for the poster was a "quilt" of symbols, one for each of the books. This is in keeping with other solid flat color designs I usually use as part of our brand.

Then I thought I should try filling in the symbols using the book cover art and that led to experimenting with a collage of images. It's a little different from what I usually do and I absolutely love it. I am very pleased with how the final poster turned out.

Bonus reader challenge: See if you can spot the differences between this one, which is the chosen idea and the top one, which is the final version with several little tweaks to improve it.


  1. Love this! All of the designs, really. You are great at what you do Amanda---I get all sorts of smiley now when I see the GR logo, knowing that you designed it. I've had several "Hey, my friend Amanda did that!" moments with strangers." :)

  2. That's cute. It is always fun to know the story behind things like that. Every time I see something that's designed well I wish I could pay the designer a compliment!