September 26, 2013

ArtPrize 2013: glass as ocean

There are three other ArtPrize pieces from our recent visit to the Meijer Gardens I want to share with you. All are blue in tone and bring to mind, at least for me, bodies of water. So amazing and lovely to see a solid transformed into the liquidity and fluidity of water.

This piece, Ocean Blue Wave by Mary Shaffer of El Prado, New Mexico, captures the liquid movement of waves and appealed to me in its regal simplicity.

This piece, Iceberg & Paraphernalia by Peter Bremers of Born, Netherlands, was fittingly inspired by icebergs and reminds me not only of ice but also of trapped air bubbles and floating.

Which, at the moment of writing this, reminds me of a fiction novel I recently read about an early 20th century man frozen in an iceberg who was brought to life by modern-day scientists. Totally fascinating read. Check it out: The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan.

This piece, Sea-Forms by Michael Behrens of Dusseldorf, Germany, was also beautiful and lace-like. I would love to better understand how this piece was actually formed. Several nearby children described it as looking like a "shark's fin," which is quite fitting.

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