October 28, 2013

Adventures at the Allegan Antiques Market!

I went to the Allegan Antiques Market on the last Sunday in September for the very first time and – wow! If you have any love of vintage or antique anything this is the place to be. Absolutely astounding in its size. I went with a dear friend who happens to be old hat at this sale. Thank goodness because otherwise I would have gotten myself turned around for sure. I tend to be directionally challenged!

I bought a dresser (future project & future post on this one) and a few other treasures I will be sharing with you tomorrow. And some others I will share in the far future when they get revealed in my home as surprises related to future decorating adventures.

Isn't this a fun idea? The tabletop was finished with yardsticks. I liked it.


  1. So great to see pics of our fun day together....lets make it a tradition! :)

  2. I agree with you on that one! It was very fun. :-)