October 1, 2013

tidbit Tuesday!

One of the many bloggers I follow occasionally (regularly?) posts a list of funny little things she has learned that week. None of them warrant a full post and some of them really have nothing to do with the regular theme of the blog. I enjoy the lists though and they allow me, the reader, to know her more personally.

So along that line, I bring you "tidbit Tuesday" where I throw out some tidbits. I don't think it will happen every Tuesday but you never know.

1. Use Feedly if you read any blogs on a regular basis.
Don't rely on a bunch of bookmarks. Don't bother googling the name of the blog each time you want to check in on it. Instead, pile all your favorites into Feedly. You can even – heart flutter – organize them into folders. Yours truly is a bit of a blog addict. I follow roughly 50 blogs at any given time so this keeps everything all in one easy-to-check place. I can read by category, or by individual blog, and I often pick and choose, skipping posts that don't interest me. Feedly also has a feature where you can save things you want to look at later.

2. Birds are migrating!
Keep your eyes peeled for interesting feathered friends fluttering about. Last week I saw a group of these brown speckled birdies (see photo above) eating off the ground in my front yard and got obsessed with figuring out what they were. Best as I can tell, and I am no expert birder by any means, they are they Gray-Cheeked Thrush. They summer north of me in Canada and winter far south in the tropics.

3. Great new book: The Returned by Jason Mott
I don't consider myself a sci-fi reader but I don't mind a dash of it or any other supernatural elements within a more realistic story. Could not put this one down and neglected many things to keep reading another bit. Plus, I was kind of sad when it was over. That's a sign of a good read if you ask me!

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