February 5, 2014

Notes on Pinterest and other progress

Proof the snow will melt! Photo from March of last year.
Hello, dear readers!

I am so very close to finishing my lovely hanging folder holder. I have documented the process very thoroughly (as in 42 photos and counting) and I am very excited about translating it into a nice, pinnable tutorial. It's going to be a beast of a detailed post to write though so you're just going to have to give me a minute. Still want to give props to the blog Cottage4C who got me started on this project.

And yes, you totally read that right, I said "pinnable" as in Pinterest. I finally started my own Pinterest page. I know, I know, it's about darn time. I spent a week pinning things off my own blog and sending them out into the wide wide world of boards. I am enjoying seeing the way things are getting picked up and pinned by other crafty ladies. And I will say, as with most thing techie, it wasn't hard but it did take a long time!

My next steps will be to pin items out of my giant "future projects" bookmark folder (in my defense, I started this baby before Pinterest even existed!) and all my saved blog posts in Feedly. Then I will feel like I am really organized!

I am kind of sick of the snow – such is life in the north in February – but at least it gives me a good excuse to hole up and sew.

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