March 26, 2014

a change in quilt plans

I've actually started on second daughter's quilt. Washed up a bunch of fabric, ironed the pinks, and started cutting out some of the big squares. You know I had my plan: teal blue, pink, dark blue/purple. Then she announces "I want green on my quilt."

So this morning, I pull up an extra chair at the computer and make a digital map of her quilt. Then we talk it over and color it in. After our first layout, she decided she wanted both the yellow and green to be bigger (which made the blue smaller).

So if you'll see, it ends up being a nice pattern: 4 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 3 rows. I will probably combine teal blues and light blues and dark blues all together in the blue section. I am pleased with this plan and assume she is too!

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