June 4, 2014

Cut off pants = shorts + dolly sleep sack

Two days in a row my must-be-growing six-year-old tripped and fell and skinned her knee and put holes in her pants. So I decided cut-off shorts were in order! I used a pair of shorts that she already likes as my template for length and snipped away. I did decide I wanted to run a thread around the edge of the jean shorts and actually hem the other ones.

Have I ever hemmed anything before? Well, no. But I wasn't about to let that stop me from trying! The shorts turned out ok, nothing spectacular and blog-post worthy.

But I was very excited at my little mini-craft that I made with the part of the pants that was leftover. I sewed them shut at the bottom and sewed a colored thread around the top (so the sisters could tell theirs apart) and had instant doll sleeping bags. Cute – huh?

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