June 23, 2014

More quilt progress

I am pre-writing this post much earlier in June before baby is born. Crawling around on the floor arranging squares and pinning them: difficult. Sitting at my machine sewing: pleasantly not difficult. I would love to get the whole quilt top finished before baby is born but that is looking less likely with every day that passes!

I have to confess the yellow was more difficult for me than the pink. I had less patterned fabrics and more solid shades. I can see now that the fabric with the blue birds (same as my sunroom curtains!) reads more as blue than it does as yellow but this does not bother me because I dearly love that fabric and because it picks up and will pick up blues elsewhere in the quilt.

Three-year-old daughter helped me arrange the patch squares and really had confidence in her choices. Six-year-old daughter helped me lay out the rows again and was very thoughtful as we worked through some difficulties. Moving one square always means moving another and sometimes in solving one design issue we would create another. She stuck with it until I was happy with the result though.

Anyway, I am still pleased with how it is coming along.

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