June 23, 2016

pretty patterns present themselves

Porch stairs, viewed from behind. I like seeing the pattern repeat smaller below.
Part of the gift of being an artist is that you notice things that others do not. This can make every day life a visual delight if you allow yourself the pleasure of noticing.

Porch again. I appreciate the simplicity of the single teardrop shape rotated.
I am almost embarrassed to admit it but when I was touring around Georgetown the first day of my trip to Washington, D.C. I was hesitant to take out my camera for fear of looking like a tourist or just looking strange (I imagine them asking Why is that woman taking photos of door knockers?). Then I remembered what they thought actually did not matter. Instead, what did matter was enjoying my vacation to the fullest. And for me, that means noticing things and taking photographs of them. Once I gave myself permission to do exactly what would give me the most joy I felt a little giddy. Thank heavens for my patient husband who was always willing to stop and wait for me to create a photo I was pleased with.

So I present to you a collection of lovely patterns and architectural details that gave me delight. There are more (of course) but I think this blog post is long enough for the moment.

A very unique gravestone design; detail view on the right. Love the repeated curves.

I see a hint of the four-petaled flower shape within the more geometric square.
Details like this really add a human touch to what otherwise might be cold architecture.

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