June 28, 2016

count the inspiration in a single doorway

I wish I could tell you what building on what street, when it was built, who was the architect, and who was the artist behind this beautiful doorway. And don't you wonder about the letter "W?" But alas, I was running late to dinner and only paused to briefly snap a photo with my phone thinking "I have to have this!"

There is so much pattern and design layered in this single piece of art! I love the way more organic elements like feathers and plants have been stylized to become more geometric. I love the dominant use of red and teal (one of my favorite color combinations of all time; see my table runner, kitchen curtains, and let me tell you about my teal walls and red couch ). I think the symmetry is pleasing and appropriate. And you cannot help but notice and love the equally beautiful and complimentary ironwork over the window.

Plus – the color palette! I wanted to pull it out in detail for you and I realized there is even a light pink and a lavender in there too! Along with the warm tans of the stone you have enough options to do an entire houseful of rooms I think.

I do believe I am going to have to tape this beauty into my sketchbook and spend some more time with it!

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