August 26, 2016

library love: Daily Rituals

One of my dearest friends had checked this book out from the library and recommended it to me. So of course I tracked it down and checked it out next. It was just as good as if she had given the book to me as a gift!

What I loved: The stories on each person are short and sweet so it is an easy read. You can pick it up and read a few and set it back down. I also enjoyed the fact that it is not someone telling you their way of doing things. This book is absolutely not a self-help read. Instead it is peek into the quirky lives of strange people (some of whom have terribly unhealthy habits I might add!).

I didn't tabulate it or quantify it but it does seem like a lot of people depended on rising early and having a solid morning routine. I just might be at the place in my life where I have to admit "early to bed, early to rise" actually is worth something! While there were some particularly intense creatives who worked all day and night, quite a few people only worked a solid 3 hours a day, which I found interesting. Not because I am lazy but because my life feels full right now and I am just not at a place where I am putting 8-hour days into creative work.

If you are a creative person yourself – writers, artists, scientists, composers are all featured – or if you are just curious about how famous creative people have made time and space for their work then you just might want to check out Daily Rituals: How Artists Work edited by Mason Currey.

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  1. I'm just now catching up on my blog back log...I had been meaning to ask you if you liked the book! So glad you did xo.