August 9, 2016

So so much visual inspiration to share!

Nature is my number one inspiration! Sunset at Wilderness State Park in Carp Lake, MI.

Hello dear readers!

I got all fired up on this blog in June and then… well, it all fell apart! Actually we just got back from a 3-week "circle tour" of Lake Michigan. My family and I camped our way around my beloved Lake Michigan in our trusty pop-up camper. Many adventures were had and I even got to see some awesome art which I am so excited to share with you. And I really don't feel like I finished sharing from my DC trip in May.

So anyway, in these next few weeks (months?) I am just going to be sharing all the things that inspired me on my travels and go from there. Ideally, I will get my project self going on as well! I have a fat blank sketchbook taunting/tempting me as well. I think I am finding it a bit of a mental hurdle to say to myself "Yes, you are an artist. Artists spend time with their sketchbooks working on ideas. Go do that." That's my confession of the day.

Also, I did keep up on Instagram during my travels whenever I could. Please consider following me there (@amandabridle) for a more steady flow of artistic inspiration and observations. Writing blog posts takes a quiet minute on the computer and sometimes those are hard to come by in my house.

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