October 21, 2016

Decorating with children's art – the best abstract pieces!

Reward yourself for a messy afternoon of painting with brushes, leaves, fingers, and feet and use the beautiful results to add visual delight around your home. I hoard large chunks of cardboard (I am not definitely not a minimalist when it comes to art supplies) just for these occasions. And the result is that I have lovely pieces of abstract kid art that fill up a mantel perfectly.

I've used the crewel piece by my great-grandmother on the mantel pretty much every autumn (here in 2014 and here in 2012 when I first got this treasure). Brown isn't usually my thing but it works for a fall color palette and I cannot get over the sweetness of having her now-vintage art on display. I can only hope that the quilts I spend so many months on turn out to be loved generations down the line! I tucked one large piece of kid behind the crewel and another shines from behind a vintage window (from my own house even!). The sweet little flower painting goes in front. I accented with a bit of my milk glass collection and some colored glass pieces.

Over on my shelf I was very pleased with the minimalist look of this piece by the resident 2-year-old. His mama may have had something to do with his color choices on this one, conveniently enough. Back to my colored glass to match and then I added a clear pumpkin cookie jar for a subtle and modern hint of fall.

May your children's creativity inspire your next round of decorating!

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