January 24, 2011

marvelous milk glass

I have a small collection of milk glass. I like it because it is inexpensive (probably because it was mass produced) and it is simple. The white is nice with the white trim in my home and I always find new ways to re-invent how it is used and displayed. I especially like glass with the patterns of round bumps called "Hobnail" They're kind of like organized, dimensional polka dots.

For January, I arranged some of my collection on my mantel. I stacked 3 pieces within each other in the center. I think it looks a bit like an opening flower. I recently acquired the ruffled bowl on the bottom and the two candlestick holders from my grandmother. I am not using the candlestick holders to hold candles. Instead, I'm displaying them tipped on their sides. Again they remind me of flowers. I am not quite sure how my grandma would feel about this!

I supplemented the display with the bleached out pieces of coral I found on my last trip to Florida. The circular shapes on the coral are very similar to those found on the milk glass.

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