August 23, 2010

new old art

A "new" piece of art for my living room! I took this treasure home from my parents' place after it was revealed during a recent cleaning binge.

My childhood summers were spent at my grandparent's cottage on Lake Michigan. They were the second set of owners. The original owner was an artist who built the place, crafted fantastic furniture out of wood, decorated with beautiful pieces of found driftwood and left his own paintings on the wall. He's no one famous so the value is not in the art but instead in the memories it evokes for me. The view he paints is the one we would see, standing on the bank, allowing our gaze to drift north. A quiet Lake Michigan beach with a wooded shoreline is now counted as my favorite place to be.

I intend to hang it up but haven't done so yet. The frame is pulling away from the painting a bit so I need to consider how to best repair it. The art is not behind glass but I think I prefer to leave it the way the artist himself did it.

1 comment:

  1. you were so right - it looks like it belongs there - such a better home than the basement! Enjoy. . .