August 26, 2010

paint project: shutters

I actually used some of the paint I went crazy buying earlier this year! My lack of regular posting this week and last was because of my lack of progress so this blog has done what I intended it to do – motivate me!

My old vinyl shutters were a faded maroon. As part of my so-called "front yard facelift," I wanted to paint them. Internet research seemed to suggest it was possible. There is even paint especially formulated for vinyl. But you had to pick from like 12 colors. Like that's going to please me! Besides, the end goal is to repaint the doors to match and the only way to do that is to paint them with the same paint.

I ended up priming them with the fabulous all-purpose Kilz Primer. Hasn't steered me wrong yet. At the same time, I also primed my rain barrel. You might see it in the background of these photos. And at the very same time that I am switching between green and purple paint, my husband is staining pergola parts! Needless to say, the vehicles haven't been in the garage lately! He recently commented, "One day we're going to look back at this and ask 'why did we do so much at one time?'"

Step one: Prime

Step two: First coat panic – do I even like this color?

Step three: Second coat relief – ahhhh, much better

Step four: Hubby hangs them up and I admire how they coordinate with my new purple plants


  1. ooh i really like that color! looks great, sister! =)

  2. I love it! Someday I'd like to paint our shutters and doors a deep purple. But our siding and gutters are all light blue. So that would have to change too. Someday, right? --Sister Carrie