October 12, 2010

accordian fold postcard delight!

One of the biggest challenges of my job as an in-house graphic designer is keeping my work fresh. All of the Library's big events are annual affairs so each time they roll around I have to toe the line between sticking to the established and recognizable look from the year previous and doing something that's new and fun.

This year's Celebration of the Book event is going to be a week-long series instead of one jam-packed day. Each event has a very distinct theme and audience. I think all of them will be successful but there is not likely to be much overlap between the audiences. With that in mind, I started to think about how I could give each individual event its due glory.

From here, I came up with idea of doing a series of postcards. Since the final piece needed to be one brochure, I linked all the individual postcards together. The brochure is accordion-folded (think zig-zag) and I even got it perforated so each individual card could be separated. And sticking with my vision, the back of each card is designed like a real, throw-it-in-the-mail postcard. I would be thrilled if someone took the initiative to mail them but even if they don't they are still pretty fun.

Keeping with the theme, I designed a series of posters instead of just one single poster.

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  1. I love the postcards, Amanda! You are so creative and gifted!!