September 29, 2010

unconvential wreaths

I really wanted to title this one "ring around the rosy" but there is no way anyone could find that via the all-powerful google. The "ring" part works but I suppose not so much the "rosy..."

Anyway, I indulged in a gift for myself while I was at Minty Keen. A new wreath for my freshly painted front door! I debated mightily between teal (to match the living room walls that the door leads to), green (to offset the garden that is on either side of the door), or magenta (I really liked it). I went with instinct and bought the magenta. And I like it a lot.

The fresh paint on the front door got me to thinking about other wreaths I have seen and enjoyed. Bookmarked in my "future projects" folder is this pom pom wreath made from yarn. When I first saw it I was super excited. Think of the color possibilities! I could make one for everyone I know! Then it occurred to me that maybe everyone I know wouldn't be as excited about this style wreath as I am and I calmed myself back down.

A quick check of Whip Up lends a few other options. Be sure to check out "30 best holiday wreaths." This site really is the one-stop shop for inspiration and how-to instructions.

Plastic bags! This is where my daughter would say "What?!" with absolute two-year-old shock and delight at something so strange.

Old books!


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  1. I saw some wreaths in the "old book" style at an art fair a few weeks ago and I contemplated buying one... I think those were made with color illustration pages (maybe magazines?) but nonetheless cool. So artsy!