January 20, 2011

What a treatment!

So I rather impulsively bought the curtains in the spring (darn that Target!). Then I searched and searched and searched for white curtain rods for many months and too many internet hours. Then one fine fall day, while wandering the aisles of Lowe's, there they were! Bought those too.

And not quite a year later, the new window treatments are finally up! I love the softness the curtains bring to the room and the whimsical polka dots adorning the sheers. I am already imagining the possibility of swapping out the color panels seasonally, although that might turn out to be too much effort!

Here is the before (vertical blinds that came with the house):

And the after:


  1. That really changes the look of the room... I like how it looks! Nice work, sister A.

    -Sister M-

  2. The curtains are beautiful, especially the polka dots. It feels very homey in the room!!