July 4, 2011

homemade hula hoops (thanks fellow bloggers!)

Once upon a summer day I was reading a blog with a list of kid activities. One was for making your own hula hoops! One click and I am reading all about it and even watching a video tutorial. My husband and older daughter happen to walk by.

Next thing you know they're out the door to the hardware store and within an hour we've put to use extra underground sprinkling hose we already had and crafted up some new summer playthings.

Woo-hoo for the world of crafty bloggers!

I can't seem to find the video I originally watched (of course!) but I did find this one by Jennifer of CraftSanity fame. To soften the ends of the tube she used a hair dryer. The video tutorial I watched suggested dipping them in hot water, which is what we did.

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