July 6, 2011

mirror mirror on the garden wall

Once upon a sunny Saturday the family and I adventured out on the Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Garden Tour. I am not sure my 3-year-old daughter quite understood why we were looking at other people's gardens but there was a playground session at the end so she was happy.

The neighborhood was built in the 1920s. The homes are lovely and full of the kind of character only found in older homes. The yards are on the smaller side and I adore seeing how owners transform them with multiple beds, winding paths, unique treasures, and magical nooks awaiting discovery. Between tending children and consulting the map, I only ended up taking photos of one garden that had several things that inspired me. I will be featuring the ideas I took away in this post and the next few.

One thing that I loved about this garden was the use of decorative mirrors. I like the idea of decorating the walls in your outdoor rooms just as you would in your indoor rooms. Plus, when placed thoughtfully, they reflect back a beautiful view.

This one was hidden in a remote corner that would have otherwise remained shadowy and unadorned.

I'm going to be keeping my eye out now for interesting mirrors when I am out on a thrifting or antiquing adventure!

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