July 11, 2011

make room for treasures

A final post inspired by the Ottawa Hills Neighborhood Garden Tour.

Along the wall between the house and the cement, is a special place set aside for treasures. It is filled in with pebbles and then finds get nestled in. Special bits of nature are also arranged on the exterior windowsill. As one who can't get enough of the beauty to be found in seashells, rocks, fossils, seed pods, and such this simple idea was so pleasing to me.


  1. I can see why this appealed to you - seems to me you have quite the collection of driftwood - you could start your own treasure trove!

  2. I have a small 8in x 4ft dirt spot just like the one pictured! I've been racking my brain trying to decide what to plant there. When we got home from our lovely vacation at Grandmas, I placed all the rocks we decorated there. Maybe I will put some pebbles down for a backdrop. :) --Sister C

  3. I'm not the only beachcomber and treasure collector in the family!