September 26, 2011

all pinned up

The stars have miraculously aligned in my household on more than one occassion recently. By this, I mean that both daughters have been asleep at the same time in the middle of the day. The result is that I have gotten back to working on the quilt for my daughter. Now that the nights are cooling off, I am especially feeling like I need to get it done.

I had originally envisioned, and attempted to plan for, creating a quilt back that was larger than the top and could then be folded up on top and used as binding. Study this photo closely. Do you see a nice fat border of extra backing? No, you do not. I am not even going to bother rechecking my measurements and math at this point.

So the result is that I am going to need to sew and attach real binding. Just one more thing to learn on this adventure! Fortunately, I have helpful books from the library and the expertise of fellow crafters and quilters so thoughtfully shared on YouTube (husband looks up plumbing repairs and I look up quilting!). As always, this is taking longer and turning out to be more complicated than I anticipated. I am quite amused at all the things I am learning by doing on this project!

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