September 12, 2011

surprising succulents!

Is it just me? Or has anyone else noticed that succulents are popping up everywhere? I posted about this great birdbath planted with them earlier this summer. My sister-in-law sent me a link to some instructions on making a so-called "living frame" and then my mom pointed out that very same idea in a recent Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. They've even posted the how-to instructions on their website. I think this may just fulfill my need for "new" while I maintain all my existing gardens. And of course, I couldn't help but notice and admire some impressive containers at a recent visit to the Meijer Gardens. The shapes and textures are amazing plus I hear they're a hardy bunch of plants. Bonus! Beautiful and hard to kill. They're in!

From the Better Homes And Gardens August 2011 issue

From the Better Homes and Gardens September 2011 issue
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Succulent planters at the Meijer Gardens

Now I have to keep my eyes peeled for just the right frame next time I am out treasure hunting (thrifting!). I am going to have to think about what color I migth want to paint the frames as well. Something bright that pops?  A shade of green or purple to complement the plants within? Natural and weathered? Metallic? Oh the options!

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