September 16, 2011

amazing acorns!

Remember last fall when I was so thrilled to discover the acorns in my front yard sporting pinstripes? Well, this autumn I am enthused at how many different types of acorns there are! I think somewhere buried in my brain I could remember learning that there were different kinds of oak trees. So it should not be so surprising to me to discover different style acorns.

On a recent afternoon when I needed a better mood and the baby needed a nap, I went on a long walk to a nearby park. I had in mind that I had found some exceptionally large acorns there before so I thought I would look for a few to add to my collection. As I walked through my neighborhood and onto my park I kept noticing all kinds of acorns. "Ooh – fuzzy tops!" And I would carefully lower down, gather a bunch, and stuff my pockets. People driving by must have wondered what on earth I was doing. The enthusiasm I have for acorns is probably only shared by our squirrel friends! 

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