January 27, 2012

another quilt finished

Just a bit smaller than the last one of course! But still – how amazing to dream something up and then whip it up in just a week or so!

I used scrap fabrics to make a matching doll quilt for my daughter. This is one just square patchwork. The squares didn't line up. That's ok. I have renewed appreciation for how well made prize-winning quilts!

It was a nice and speedy review of everything I learned while doing the big quilt. I did manage to mess up the binding but fortunately I had an excess of fabric strips cut from the first time around. I also quilted the entire thing on the machine. I don't have the "walking foot" that I have read about in quilting books but it seemed to go fairly well despite that. Sometimes the quilt needed some help moving along and I can certainly see how it would be difficult to do a large quilt but I don't think it would be impossible.

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