January 16, 2012

freedom to decorate

 I just finished reading about, admiring, and absorbing the visual feast presented by the homes featured in the book Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design. The basic premise of the book is that you don't have to be a professional interior designer or know all the "rules" to do a fabulous job decorating. The homes featured were often of people who have a creative bent or profession but I did feel like there was a bit more variety in geography and lifestyle than there were in the book Details (which I wrote about earlier on this blog). I especially noticed there were more households with children featured.

While you might be looking at the book and thinking "my house is not the big" or "not everyone lives in a New York City loft" I think there are still ideas and inspiration that can be applied to your own life. I myself was especially inspired by the items people chose to frame and hang on the wall. Not everything was official "art." Some of it was simple snapshots, art created by their children, and there was even a healthy dose of thrift store finds represented. None of it had matchy matchy frames and it looked great all together on the wall. I am going to have to take a second look next time I go thrifting. I don't often study the framed prints and art at second hand stores. Perhaps I have missed a great treasure!

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