April 23, 2012

house numbers as art

I have been scheming about updating our light, mailbox, and house numbers ever since I painted our front door and shutters (let's see this was September 2010) and updated the front garden (June 2010).

We just replaced the light and mailbox with black to match the railing. I have been eying what all the neighbors do for their house numbers and pondering fancy fonts for quite some time. Our house is brick so I was trying to decide what to put the numbers on so we didn't have to drill multiple holes in our house. Then I thought about tiles. Then I thought about etsy!

There, my friends, is the solution! I am totally in love with the work of J and R Designs. I have ordered a Handmade Ceramic House Number Plaque like the one below and am totally thrilled to have something that is so "me" adorn the front of my house. A lovely piece of art just for my dear home.

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