April 2, 2012

the mermaid dolls

My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I was frantically trying to finish those mermaids in the sliver of time after the kiddos were in bed but before I was too tired to sew. I ended up finishing them at 10 pm the night before the birthday!

One of the few steps done on the machine:

The thrill of making a toy! They already look like mermaids:

Things I was forced to get better at:
1. sewing curves on the machine
2. sewing teeny tiny things
3. handsewing of all kinds
4. improvising – I deviated from the instructions in several places!

The completed project:

You'll recall that I posted about making these mermaids and some Easter bunnies and some chickens. Well, friends, the reality is that we are going to skip right over those bunnies and move onto the chickens for my other daughter's birthday gift. There's only so much sewing I can fit in and I refuse to be stressed out about stuffed Easter bunnies!


  1. I've been checking since Saturday night hoping for a peek, these are tooooo cute, oh my gosh!!!

  2. Thank you! I think it was worth the effort after all! :-)