April 4, 2012

the mermaid party

The mermaid dolls were created in conjunction with the mermaid-themed party requested by the now-4-year-old daughter. I posted about my terrific thrift finds earlier. In case you couldn't quite imagine what a tablecloth, a giant wad of blue fabric, and a pile of seashells was going to turn out to be, I am sharing some photos!

Fabric turned ocean for dolls turned wave decor:

The table in all its birthday finery:

Detail of the cupcakes:

We made our own toppers by scanning artwork, sizing it to be slightly larger dimensions than our large circle hole punch, arranging several on a single page, and then printing out the sheets. Admittedly this is easier for me because I have graphic design software. Then we punched out the circles and hot glued toothpicks on the back. The possibilities of what could be printed and punched are endless!

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