May 23, 2012

best darn database brochure

I am pleased to announce that the library has won several awards for our design work again. Our work was honored with 2 best in show awards. One was for the 2011 annual report, which I loved and adored. How very pleasing to have my personal opinion of my own work confirmed by professionals!

The other was for our databases brochure. Databases are fabulous and powerful things but they are a bit difficult to make pretty in a brochure. In fact, I couldn't find any examples that I loved. In the end I used the little square from our brand font and style to represent information. The words "Research Databases" filter the haphazard bits of information into something organized and accessible. Such lovely visual symbolism!

We also earned honorable mentions for our GR Reads materials, a book list, and our poster for Day of the Dead.

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