May 21, 2012

In memory of a friend

One of my dear friends, a co-worker who was the sunshine of my workdays, a fellow crafter and creative soul, avid reader of my blog, and one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing has left this earth. My heart aches and I know my life will never be the same without her.

Things I remember with tears in my eyes and a sad smile on my lips:

Her friendly smile
I pass by her desk every morning to drop my lunch off in the breakroom and check my mailbox. She always always had a cheerful good morning for me.

Her party planning expertise
She always brushed off the compliments but I think the party planning always fell to her because she was just so darn good at it. My favorite times were the themed potlucks that she found an excuse to throw when we just needed a bit more fun.

Her eagle eyes
She was my trusty and dependable proofer. I never sent an ad to a publication or a brochure to a printer without first having her read it over for me. And I could always trust that she would take the time to double check the date for each and every event. She never complained, even when it was something tedious to read (computer class schedule) and she was always prompt (very helpful as I am often rushed!). How many times did I ask "What would I do without you?" I guess now I have to find out.

Her caring soul
She knew about my kiddos, asked about them, and really enjoyed hearing about them. Heck, she watched them grow in my ever-expanding pregnant belly as I waddled about the office! The very last conversation I had with her was about my older daughter's first dance recital. I was planning on emailing her a photo because of her genuine enthusiasm.

Her craftiness
We shared craft ideas and creations. Sometimes we'd even bring projects to work just to show each other. One time, when she shared in my enthusiasm for paper ornamental balls, I hauled boxes of supplies into work and we had a breakroom crafting session over lunch! Just recently, I gushed about the beautiful bracelets she's been making from buttons. I always enjoyed having a work friend who shared my enthusiasm for craftiness.

Her travels
I greatly admired her for her commitment to enjoying the people who were nearest and dearest to her. I was impressed with her fun in the sun trips with her best girlfriend and her road trips with her husband. If she wanted to go somewhere and do something, she did. That is something to be admired.

Her kindness
Some people are just nice without trying. They are just nice because that's who they are. That was Kim.


  1. I am so incredibly sorry Mandy!

  2. Oh honey, I know your heart is hurting - what a beautiful memory page you wrote - you should share it with her family....I am sorry for your loss...

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