May 30, 2012

garden growth out front

Two years have passed since I redid the front garden. In that time, things have flourished. My aunt once shared a rhyme with me about the pattern of garden growth: The first year it sleeps. The second year it creeps. The third year it leaps.

Here's to the third year!

Newly planted in 2010:

Filling out in 2012:

Newly planted in 2010 (look at those itty bitty baby plants!):

Filling out in 2012:

I've got one empty spot that I popped a new coral bell into. I also filled in pockets along the front with Impatiens, an annual that I have fond memories of planting alongside my mother as a child. She used to do an entire bed of them in the front of our house. I remember being so impressed with how they started out small and thin but would end up thick and lush by summer's end under her patient care. How much I appreciate the things she taught me about flowers and gardening and the way she let me "help" even when it might have been easier to plant without me!

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